In its continuing quest for innovative excellence in the medical aesthetics market, Laboratoires VIVACY is launching its international training programme S.A.F.E Training; a new approach to aesthetics learning using the iFACE simulator, which is designed to increase practitioners’ confidence and improve safety

In September of 2021, Laboratoires VIVACY officially launched S.A.F.E Training (STYLAGE® & ANATOMY FACIAL EXPERIENCE) during their symposium at AMWC Conference in Monaco. The S.A.F.E Training approach has been designed in collaboration with Dr Sergio Escobar, a Dermatologist from Argentina, and Dr Benjamin Ascher, a Plastic surgeon from France and the founder of IMCAS. 

‘We are proud to announce our partnership with iFace Simulator and launch S.A.F.E Training by VIVACY worldwide. This brand-new concept offers our clients the most innovative training experience on the market and helps them expand their anatomy and injection skills. iFace is a unique and revolutionary tool, specifically developed for physicians using high-tech materials to reproduce in the most accurate way possible the anatomy of the human face. It provides a unique hands-on injection experience and helps physicians boost their confidence to get the most out of their medical practice and make it safer’, said Vera Tual, International Marketing Director at VIVACY.

An interactive combination of theory and hands-on practice

The Scientific Director of VIVACY, Mr. Denis Couchourel, has worked with his team to deliver an exclusive masterclass on the interconnection between the rheology of STYLAGE® and the results expected by practitioners. Mr Couchourel commented that ‘the needs and expected results by practitioners are the starting point of our thinking process to define the mechanical and chemical characteristics of our products. So, understanding the medical context is the first step in supporting our practitioners’ safety and confidence when they are injecting STYLAGE® in their patients.’

S.A.F.E. Training

The second component of the training is hands-on practice. Practitioners are invited to perform an evaluation by drawing and highlighting the danger zones and the vessels directly on the simulator. Secondly, an oral assessment of the anatomy is carried out in order to determine an optimal treatment plan. Then, hands-on injections using STYLAGE® dermal filler products are performed, with a specific focus on volumetric and superficial injections. After the injections, the practitioners are invited to reflect on their injections and provide feedback. The S.A.F.E Training offers the opportunity to reflect and share experiences with peers. The repetition of the exercise for different areas of the face means that all practitioners get plenty of opportunities for practice with different STYLAGE® products. 

The iFace simulator

The distinctive feature of this training is the use of the iFace simulator: an identical replica of the human face, including the different skin layers, vessels and arteries, muscles, fat pads and bones. This innovative piece of equipment allows for the danger zones to be clearly observed, as each layer of skin can be pulled back. Furthermore, the skilful assemblage of high-tech platinum-based silicone and silicone gel gives a sensation close to that of a real patient. 

After the injections, it is possible to check where the products have been placed inside the tissues and get a new insight into the mechanical behaviour of STYLAGE® products in the skin. 

The future of S.A.F.E

Dr Mei Yeoh, from Perfect32 in Yorkshire, England, commented, ‘S.A.F.E Training is valuable to all injectors wanting to learn more about different injection techniques. It is unique in the way it allows you to visualise and feel where to place the needle or cannula and when discussing new techniques with your peers — this is something that is not currently available anywhere else.’ Dr Bejma, from Dr Bejma Medical Clinic (UK) and shortlisted for the Aesthetics Awards for Best Clinic of North UK, said, ‘I absolutely enjoyed S.A.F.E Training by VIVACY. I am an injector of nearly eight years, and this was an absolutely innovative and unique training method in the current medical field. During the training, I was able to discuss with colleagues their injections techniques, assess the safety of our treatment approach and refresh anatomical knowledge. During the training, we use an innovative iFace simulator head that was very close to old fashion cadaver classes. I strongly recommend this S.A.F.E. Training to all injectors, beginners as well as advanced.’

  For more information, visit: or VIVACY booth (n°L2) at AMWC 2022 Monaco, on 31 March–02 April, 2022