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FACIAL Lifting With a Pluryal® System

Gladys Velazco De Maldonado discusses the use of three viscosities of Pluryal® hyaluronic acid dermal fillers injections to address facial…

Croma-Pharma Rebrands HA Filler Line

Croma-Pharma moves forward with rebranding its Princess® filler line to saypha®  CROMA-PHARMA GMBH (Leobendorf, Austria) is moving forward in its…

Renée Bionic Gels for Facial Injections

Qventis unveils their innovative range of hyaluronic acid gels for smoothing fine lines, lifting, and volume augmentation  THE FACIAL HYALURONIC…

Relife – My Skin Says How I Feel

Menarini Group unveils its latest company that aims to provide conscious innovation in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine  RELIFE IS A…